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A girl peeks out of the left side of the image in 3/4 view. She has green eyes and pink cheeks that compliment the mossy on the bricks behind her. She gazes upwards and light is reflected off her eyes.
Artful Full Body and Portraits
A desturated gray and yellow fall scene shows a tree on the left, large boulders on the right and a scattering of pale yellow leaves between them and covering the ground.
Get Your Bearings
Location and Texture Photography
A large black baroque-rococo frame holds a cow skull, mounted against a bold blue jacquard fabric. There is a dark image on the forehead of the cow skull, although it is hard to make out at this size.
Photography Transferred to Bones
A pair of feather earrings is displayed against a pale and green background. The feathers are gray with speckled white dots and have colorful eyespots on them. One set of eyespots is puruple and blue and the other is teal.
Feather Jewelry
Naturally Found and Assembled
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